Thursday, October 4, 2007

What our era will be remembered for, 500 years hence

Sherman, set the way-back machine to 1957. October 4th.

First day of the space age, with the launch of Sputnik. 50 yrs ago. I actually remember (as a 4 year-old) my dad giving me a "Sputnik" made of a balloon and four straws, before going to my grandparents' place for dinner. You blew up the balloon and taped on the straws. The balloon had the innards of the Sputnik printed on it. I also remember how the straws broke off as I tried to rotate the thing.


PS - Now the US has a next-generation moonshot/moon base effort underway. With all the hype about the war, I bet you, dear reader, are not aware of it! Thankfully, the original Website is archived. Maybe NASA is trying to distance itself from it.

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