Friday, June 8, 2007

Why did I wait so long?

Welcome to the tvstrategies blog.

This entry is really to say "Gee, Steve, it's the early twenty first century - isn't it about time to get with the program?" Watch this space for entries relating to IPTV technologies, service and business models, service providers and content.

On the opinion side, I'll occasionally comment about the consolidation and corporate control of the Media, which I believe represents a serious threat to American democracy.

Fortunately, IP Video, interactive television and the Internet are beginning to help restore the balance between the individual and big media (and the powerful corporate and governmental forces behind them).

These New Media technologies and service models are giving individuals a stronger voice, and the world is becoming a better place for it. It is that trend that attracted me to IPTV in the first place.

I will try not to make this blog a vehicle for shameless self-promotion (see the Web site for my consulting practice, Advanced Media Strategies, for that).

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