Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Net Neutrality - Comment to the FCC by June 15th

Net Neutrality is a big public policy issue, and the FCC is accepting public comments until June 15.

Common Cause posted a petition to submit comments to the FCC for you (as have other activist groups, including

But I thought "why should I have them do it, if I can submit one to the FCC directly" - that is, until I tried. It isn't easy to find any information about this on the FCC's Web site, let alone find the online comment form (how's that for public service). So for your convenience...

Here is the FCC's online comment submission form. You can upload a document containing your comments, or, you can enter your comments directly into the online form. Once you've done that, you will be presented with a confirmation screen, with a confirmation number. You can search for your entry later by going here.

In March, the FCC announced a Notice of Inquiry (right-click to download PDF) into: "...the behavior of broadband market participants, including: (1) How broadband providers are managing Internet traffic on their networks today; (2) Whether providers charge different prices for different speeds or capacities of service; (3) Whether our policies should distinguish between content providers that charge end users for access to content and those that do not; (4) How consumers are affected by these practices."

And for your reference, Here (right-click to download) is the FCC's explanation of the matter, "In the Matter of Broadband Industry Practice - WC Docket No. 07-52."

Good luck!

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